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Sex Offender Lists,   State Laws,
Information about Sex Offender Reporting

Most areas in the United States now have some sort of registry where all convicted sex offenders are SUPPOSED to register by law. Even though this is better than no lists of convicted sex offenders, be aware that many sex offenders are not registered. Below are some links to sex offenders registries where you can check to see if someone is registered. Also you can contact these registries if you are aware of a convicted sex offender that is not registered.

MSNBC news report Sex Offenders Registry  Read More . . .

Parents for Megan's Law    Tips to effectively manage Megan's Law on a community level, and childhood sex abuse prevention.
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Links to Sex Offender Registries

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect -- from an attorney's website
   Mandatory Reporting Facts and links to reporting agencies in all 50 States.

Megan's Law by State   This page has information on Megan's Law. SCROLL about 1/2 way down and you can click to information about individual states.

FBI - Links to State Police or State Sex Offender Registries

Criminal Offenders - Sex Offender Registries in many States

Prevent Abuse Now Sex Offender Registries in many States & Cities


  • Alabama Criminal Sex Offenders
  • Alaska Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender InfoCenter
  • Arkansas Sex Offender Registry
  • Bellingham, WA - Police Department Sex Offender Registry - current level III
            sex offenders.
  • Blaine County, OK Sexual Predators
  • California State Information on Laws and Where to access sex offender registries
  • Cherokee County, GA - Sheriff's Office Sexual Offender Registry
  • Chicago Police Department Registered Sex Offender Database
  • Clark County, OH - Sheriff's Office Sexual Offenders Registry
  • Clark County, WA - Sex Offenders in Violation
  • Collin County, TX Registered Sex Offenders
  • Colorado Law Information - KlassKids Website
  • Colorado - Convicted Sex Offender Site
  • Cook County, IL - Sex Offender Information
  • DeKalb County, GA - Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registry
  • Delaware Sex Offender Registry
  • Florida Dept of Law Enforcement Sexual Predators/Offenders
            Listing and information.
  • Floyd County, GA - Sex Offenders Residing in Floyd County
  • Garland County Arkansas - Police Active List of Convicted Offenders
  • Georgia - Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Gwinnett County, GA - Sex Offenders Currently Residing in Gwinnett County
  • Idaho - Sex Offenders Registry
  • Illinois Sex Offender Information - search by city, county, or zip code.
  • Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry
  • Iowa Sex Offender Registry
  • Kankakee County, IL - Registered Sex Offenders - offers alphabetical listing.
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation Sexual Offenders
  • Kansas - Offenders Search Page
  • Kentucky Sex Offender Registry
  • King County, WA - Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Search
  • King County, WA - Sex Offender Search
  • Lake County, IL - Sex Offender Registry
  • Longview, WA - Police Department Sex Offender Notification
  • Louisiana Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry
  • Madison, Wisconsin - Sex Offender Registry
  • Maine Offender Law Information - KlassKids Website
  • Maryland Sex Offender Registry
  • Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry
  • Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry Inquiry
  • Minnesota Sex Offender Registry
  • Mississippi Sex Offender Registry
  • Missouri Law Info and Links to some County Registries - KlassKids Website
  • Montana Sex Offender Registry
  • Nebraska Sex Offender Registry
  • New Hampshire Sex Offender Registry
  • New Jersey State Police - Sex Offender Registry
  • New Mexico State - Sex Offender Information & Registry
  • New York State Sex Offender Information & Search
  • North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry
  • North Dakota Attorney General Sex Offender Website
  • Oconee County, GA - Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registry
  • Ohio Information - KlassKids Website
  • Oklahoma State Sex Offender Registry
  • Oregon State Sex Offender Information
  • Paulding County, GA - Sex Offender Registry
  • Pennsylvania Sexual Predator Listing
  • Renton, WA Sex Offender Information Bulletin - level III offenders.
  • Rhode Island Information - KlassKids Website
  • Saint Paul, MN - Sex Offender Community Notification
  • Seminole County, FL - Sex Offender Registry
  • Sexual Offenders Nationwide Resource Center - includes
           registry and industry resources.
  • South Carolina Sex Offender Registry
  • Stark County, OH - Registered Sex Offenders
  • Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry
  • Texas Convictions and Sex Offender Registration Databases
            Texas searches require registration and payment.
  • Tucson,AZ - Police Department Sex Offender Notification
  • Utah Department of Corrections Registered Sex Offender Database
  • Utah Sex Offender Laws (See Sex Offender Registry ABOVE)
  • Vermont Information - KlassKids Website
  • Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry
  • Washington D.C. - Sex Offender Registry
  • West Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry
  • Washington State - Links to Sex Offender Lists of Washington Counties
  • Whitfield County, GA - Sex Offender List
  • Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry
  • Wisconsin Sex Offender Law Info - KlassKids Website
  • Wyoming Sex Offender Registration
  • Wyoming, Laramie County - Sex Offender Registration
  • Wyoming, Sweetwater County - Sex Offender Registration

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