An eating disorder clinic can offer you expertise, and an environment that can be both emotionally supportive and challenging. You will be in a place for a time (usually a few weeks) that will give you a space to totally focus on your eating disorder and the healing of the undelying causes. Eating disorders almost always stem from issues in your life. Causes of eating disorders are most often emotional and/or sexual abuse. These issues are tough to work through. You will need to do the healing work yourself, as noone can do it for you. But an eating disorder clinic can offer a good solid start on your recovery.

If you are considering an eating disorder clinic, you may want to attend eating disorder anonymous meetings and/or other eating disorder support groups at an eating disorder clinic/facility. This allows you to meet others who are also working on their healing. And most people attending eating disorder anonymous meeting at the eating disorder clinic location will be in treatment at the eating disorder clinic, and they can tell you about their experience. And being in the clinic environment for support meetings will allow you to "get a feel" as to whether the environment feels nurturing and supportive to you. This gives you a chance to talk with others who are patients or staff at the clinic.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, some funding may be possible through a foundation to assist in expenses for a few Philadelphia eating disorder clinics from a private foundation

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