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February 06, 2005

Scotland seeks tougher child sex laws

February 6, 2005 [United Press International]

[World News]: GLASGOW, Scotland - Police in Scotland want sex offenders to get automatic jail sentences, warning that putting pedophiles behind bars is the only way to stop them.

The Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland said police, prosecutors, judges and politicians must do more to recognize the damage pedophiles do, all too often because such offenders are not jailed, the Scotsman.com reported Sunday.

The law enforcement officers are demanding mandatory jail time for anyone who downloads child pornography or grooms a youngster over the Internet, including first-time offenders.

"Every image on a computer screen represents a real child suffering real abuse," said Bob Ovens, an association spokesman. "Everyone who searches for that material ensures that more children will suffer more sexual abuse, so they have to take responsibility."

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