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January 13, 2005

Paper Lace Star Sentenced over Child Porn

January 14, 2005

Former PAPER LACE bassist JOHN CHAMBERS will be added to Britain's sex offenders' register after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography.

Video tapes containing indecent images were found in the 54-year-old rocker's Nottingham, England home during a search by police last August 2004

The musician was sentenced this week to 200 hours community punishment and five years on the offenders' register.

Nottingham Crown Court JUDGE DUDLEY BENNETT said, "Neither the public nor the courts take kindly to people who abuse children and photographing young children in this way is an abuse of children just as much as if there was physical touching because it can lead to their corruption. It would not happen unless people wanted to watch disgusting images of this type.

"There is a huge amount of mitigation in your case. You have never been in any trouble in your life. You are in poor health."

Paper Lace had several hits in the 1970s, including number one single Billy Don't be a Hero.

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Man sentenced for abuse of minor

January 13, 2005 Rapid City, SD

An Eagle Butte man will serve 14 years in prison for sexually abusing a child.

Alan Red Fox Sr., 48, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Charles Kornmann to 14 years in custody followed by five years of supervised release. Red Fox was originally indicted on four counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor and one count of incest. He later pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor.

The charges were related to the abuse of a child at Eagle Butte between Jan. 1, 2004, and Feb. 6, 2004, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Red Fox was immediately taken into custody to begin serving his sentence.

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Jackson transcripts detail child abuse, ABC reports

January 13, 2005 [AP]

LOS ANGELES — Michael Jackson’s accuser told a grand jury that the pop star closed his eyes tightly while molesting him on a bed, according to an ABC News report that quotes from transcripts of the testimony.

The boy described Jackson’s alleged crimes in graphic detail, according to the network, which said its “Primetime Live” program reviewed more than 1,900 pages of testimony.

Details on the transcripts, which have not been released, were reported Thursday on ABC’s Web site and quoted on “Good Morning America.” A fuller report was planned Thursday evening on “Primetime Live.”

Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. declined to comment to ABC

Jackson attorney Brian Oxman told The Associated Press that the defense could not comment because of a gag order the judge has imposed on the case.

The accuser told prosecutors who questioned him before the Santa Barbara County grand jury that Jackson never spoke to him during the alleged abuse and the two didn’t discuss it later, ABC reported.

According to transcripts, the boy said that when he was molested, he looked over at the pop star and “his eyes were like squinching really tight.”

Jackson was indicted in April on multiple counts of molestation and a count of conspiracy involving child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Some counts accuse him of administering alcohol to further child molestation. The accuser, who had cancer and lost a kidney when a surgeon removed a tumor, said he told Jackson he shouldn’t drink alcohol because of his medical condition, according to the transcripts.

“And so it harms my kidney for I drink that stuff,” the accuser was quoted as saying. “But he would just say, ’It’s OK.’ And he would just keep on telling me to drink.”

Normally, grand jury transcripts are made public in California 10 days after they’re received by a defendant. But the judge has kept the Jackson transcripts sealed, along with most other documents in the case.

Jury selection in the case begins Jan. 31. Pretrial hearings have been set for Jan. 21 and Jan. 27 to consider issues such as whether a child-abuse expert can testify and what should be included on the questionnaire to be given to jurors.

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Jackson judge won't hold hearing on alleged prior abuse in secret

January 13, 2005
Paul Chavez, Associated Press Writer

The judge in the Michael Jackson child-molestation case has ruled that arguments over admissibility of evidence about past allegations of sex abuse will not be held in secret.

The ruling Wednesday by Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville was a victory for the news media and the prosecution, which both opposed a defense motion to hold a hearing on the issue in chambers.

Melville said he will schedule the arguments over admission of past abuse allegations after the jury is selected. He also said that if the evidence is admitted into the trial it would be presented to the jury after the prosecution presents its core case on the current allegations.

"I've had a bad experience as a judge. I once allowed evidence of this type and did not require the actual evidence first," Melville said, noting that he had to grant a new trial in that case.

The judge told defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. that his decision could affect Mesereau's opening statement to the jury. Melville asked him to consider options that may include waiting to deliver his opening statement until after the prosecution has presented its case.

Jackson was not present Wednesday but he is expected when jury selection begins Jan. 31.

Media attorney Theodore Boutrous Jr. praised Melville's ruling that kept courtroom doors open for the hearings. The prosecution had supported keeping the hearing open, noting that the defense, while arguing that the hearings might prejudice the jury pool, has not expressed such concern on other issues that could be just as prejudicial.

Jackson, 46, is charged with plying a boy with alcohol and molesting him. He has pleaded not guilty.

Another court document shows the judge has ordered television correspondent Martin Bashir to come to California to testify in the trial on March 1. Bashir produced the 2003 TV documentary in which Jackson said he allowed children to sleep in his bed but that it was not sexual.

Bashir is now a correspondent for ABC News, which said Wednesday it will fight Bashir's subpoena.

"We feel strongly that the California shield law protects the rights of journalists who cannot be -- or be perceived to be -- arms of either the prosecution or defense as they pursue the news," ABC News Vice President Jeffrey Schneider said in a statement.

The judge set pretrial hearings for Jan. 21 and Jan. 27 to consider issues including whether a child-abuse expert can testify, the questionnaire to be given to jurors and other motions on admission of evidence.

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Sharon Osbourne confesses to bulimia

SHARON Osbourne has revealed she suffers from an eating disorder. The reality TV mum, who is married to rock legend Ozzy, says she has bulimia and often vomits up her food infront of her family.

"I still have bulimia, Ozzy knows and the kids - my God, how could they not. It's the thing that causes most arguments," she told British tabloid the Daily Mail.

The 52-year-old star admitted she needed professional help to overcome the disease she has battled all of her adult life.

"We'll be at the dinner table and I'll go off and they'll say, 'Oh, here we go again.' They hate it."

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Eating Disorders Treatment Facility Celebrates 15th Anniversary

January 12, 2005 Phoenix [PRNewswire]

In January of 1990, Ward Keller opened the doors of Remuda Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia in Wickenburg, Ariz. At that time, there was only one patient. Fifteen years later, Remuda Ranch has grown to become the nation's largest inpatient treatment center for women and girls, and has helped more than 6,000 patients and more than 15,000 family members overcome eating disorders.

"We're extremely pleased to be celebrating this important milestone," said Ward Keller, president and founder of Remuda Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia. "It proves the foundation we laid out fifteen years ago remains strong and we stand behind our Biblically based program. Our reputation is strengthened every year as we continue to help women and girls with eating disorders."

Eating disorders continue to increase at alarming rates in the U.S. Remuda Ranch has experienced an increase in children under 13 and midlife patients. Many times, Remuda Ranch is a last resort for women and girls suffering from anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, and related issues. Often, patients try other treatment centers before finally arriving at Remuda Ranch.

"Our staff is made up of compassionate and dedicated professionals who have a real passion for their career and helping patients with eating disorders," adds Keller. Remuda Ranch assigns six professionals to each patient including a psychiatrist, psychologist, primary care physician, nurse, dietitian and Master's level therapist. "Our superb recovery rates are evidence of the positive results of their efforts."

In response to trends in our nation, last spring Remuda Ranch launched two new programs -- a children's program and an emotional eating program, including binge-eating disorder, compulsive over-eating and obesity. Success of the children's program has been tremendous. Remuda Ranch is now one of the few treatment centers in the nation that has the ability to respond to the growing need to help children 13 and younger in overcoming the ravages of eating disorders.

"Our future is bright and we have plans to expand our treatment programs to help a greater range of patients," adds Keller.

About Remuda Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia

Remuda Ranch is a caring place for women and girls who are suffering from ever-increasing levels of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorder related issues. Remuda Treatment Centers offer professional, Biblically based programs exclusively dedicated to the professional treatment of females suffering from eating disorders. Each resident is treated by a team of six professionals including a psychiatric and primary care provider, registered dietitian, Masters-trained therapist, psychologist and registered nurse. The professional staff equips each resident with the right tools to live a healthy, productive life. For more information, call 1-800-445-1900

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